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A Little Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

Good day! Absence makes the heart grow fonder or something like that. Quick Prompt today, something to give the readers a rest from that super rough draft.

A fun way to increase the scenery and/or the senses in writing is to write from the “Little” view. What do I mean?

PROMPT – Take a world that is fun to write in, then write a character that is only a few inches high. Take this character around, let them explore rooms, buildings, towns, even countries if the mood strikes them.

This exercise is fun because this mini character discovers things that maybe were overlooked or glossed over in world building.

Have a great Monday!

Sir Drewster III

Immortal Boredom PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get a Writing Prompt out before I went to the magical land of Costco. Domestic chores are always the best when served with samples!

PROMPT – Character is Immortal. Alive for at least 400 years. Get inside their head, explore their thoughts, translate to the page.

Of course the setting can be SciFi or Fantasy. Make it interesting though. The setting shouldn’t trump the thoughts of the Immortal. Make it twisty, make it fun.

Have a great Saturday!

Sir Drewster III

Paul or Your Highness PROMPT!

Hey Everyone,

I don’t really have a plan for what today’s Prompt would be called, but I needed to write something because I found myself on the internet way too long. Whatever develops below is totally on the fly, so don’t judge too much.

The internet has won after an hour of mindless surfing. Though I may learn of things better saved for later days, I will admit when I am stalling for my fiance to get done with her homework session to watch either Paul or Your Highness. I got both rom the same Redbox that is very near the campus, so I saw it as a sign to get both even though the whole town house has had almost no free time to turn the television (different from mindless surfing as it is silent) so we will be lucky to watch one. Who doesn’t like choices right?

Since I got some comedic SciFi and Fantasy, let’s dive into that genre to see what happens.

PROMPT – Write an Unlikely Hero!

Unlikely Hero to me is a Hero born not of Hero stock. The gangly, awkward, and most importantly a Hero who was not dipped in muscle oil from birth.

Paul and Your Highness both have Unlikely Heros (wink, wink why we are doing this Prompt) so if you need inspiration, I would rent whichever flavor you like (SciFi or Fantasy). After the movie is over, the Unlikely Hero should inspire your own.

Let them be funny, crass, clumsy, with weak grasps.

Go forth and have a wonderful and oddly enough Tuesday!

Sir Drewster III

Slacker Writing Post

Hey Everyone,

I know no one is reading this, being the first day of the long weekend. I wanted to get something out for those who may need some of that Writing Prompt goodness. It is crazy what homework will do to all activities outside of homework. I promise I will do better, and not be such a Slacker next week.

Here is the Prompt for anyone not watching football, camping, or floating a river of wildness.

PROMPT – Write some Dialogue snippets of a Fantasy picnic.

Pick a character group that would meet up to have a picnic. Go into that scene with a camera and start recording. No INNER THOUGHT, just dialogue snippets and scenery description.

Hope this helps distract from all the long weekend activities.

Sir Drewster III

Villainous Ex-Boss Prompt

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to get one more writing Prompt in today. This one is a little less heavy and should be just a pinch of fun.

PROMPT – Take a Villainous Ex-Boss or Current Boss and turn their personality quirks and villainous natures into a true villain with a Fantasy/SciFi twist.

Hope this is a good night-cap,

Sir Drewster III

Writing Prompt

Hey Everyone!

It’s Sir Drewster III, on Memorial day, and I am not at a BBQ. Sad times.

Since I am not enjoying the grilled meats of the holiday, I thought I would send out my first writing prompt. I got to thinking though, and decided that was a little lame. So I am doing something a little different, a Scene Prompt.

Here it is.

I have been waiting brother. I knew I had to wait, bide my time until you were ready. I have wished many times that we had been born twins, but destiny had other plans.

The time has come to show you ours.

– End Scene

Have fun writing!