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Parents of Fantasy Characters

Good Afternoon!

Flash Prompt today.

PROMPT – What kind of Parental issues would a Wizard/Sorceress have to deal with. Center those issues into today’s writing.

Have Fun!

Sir Drewster III

Give Me Your Prompt!

Hey Everyone,

I was just hanging out, wasting away my day off with some quality television and couldn’t take it anymore. I am so bored. The movie didn’t help this as The Karate Kid was not a good remake, at all.

I think I want to do a thought prompt to see if anyone can get me to write anything.

So, I turned off the requirements on the comments and so you should be able to just post up something and I will try to write about it.

Could be fun for everyone. What does this world need but more writing prompts.

So again, POST IN THE COMMENTS YOUR OWN PROMPTS, and I will pick my favorite and post it up when I have something resembling a story or at least a short scene.

Thanks to anyone who participates to help conquer my boredom.