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PROMPT Fishing!

Hey Everybody,

I don’t know if you know, but my last  post was numbered 100. My feelings towards this achievement are mixed to the point of a marbled cooled, cream based confection confined in a styrofoam half circle.

Desserts aside, lately I find myself pondering things of a currency aggregating nature. Things like my proposed eBook of Prompts so people don’t have to click-through all these links to get at something tasty for their minds.

Thinking out far-reaching goals leads to an ADD inspired thought jumping. The primordial ooze that this self-produced eBook currently inhabits baited my thoughts to the iPad 3. I am not partial to a specific OS, but the iPad 3 rumors are overtaking the many tech blogs that I visit on the daily. This constant exposure to Apple flavored speculation has led my mind to believe I will get one of these pieces of tech art so I can better interact with my own “art.”

What do I mean by this? Aside from justifying a $500 tablet purchase, this culmination of ADD thought jumping and tech rumors equates to enhancing my potential eBook of Prompts with touch, video, and web connected interactions.

How and why are these thoughts worth anything to the Internet’s pool of thoughts? You tell me.

PROMPT – Allow a character to express their true feelings through an anonymous persona, through a publishing format familiar or fantastical, which contradicts that character’s true life. Focus on personal relationships and possible political ideals that cause some heated dialogue that forces the character’s true beliefs or feelings to be exposed.

Hope you have a great day,

Sir Drewster III

Wizard (Presidential) Debate PROMPT

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to get out a fun little prompt during this debate.

PROMPT – Write a Wizard (Presidential) Debate.

What would be the issues they argued? Would Female Wizards be debating? Would a wall be needed to keep out the illegal Orcs? Have fun with it. It is great dialogue practice and it should reveal some social issues within your own fantasy world.

Have a great Night!

Sir Drewster III

Comparison Prompt

Hey Everyone!

This is a flash prompt.

PROMPT – Try thinking of an activity within the fantasy worlds that compares with the boredom of a man being dragged around a mall.

Example – My thoughts instantly went to a Sorceress and her wizard lover looking for ingredients, in some dark forest.  The wizard is just following her around muttering comments about how amazing those mushrooms really were or how true magic doesn’t need frog balls.

For this prompt, you can write from either side of the experience. Try writing from the opposite side of the experience and see if it sheds any light into your own personal relationships.

Sorry for the lack of prompts the last couple of days. Life happens.

Sir Drewster III